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Leading brands opened their innovation process to external collaboration long time ago.

Isn’t it time to open branded content generation to creators around the world in the 2.0 era?

Quantity, Cost and Authenticity of Branded Content

Most marketeers agree that the key to future consumer engagement is content marketing. However, Brands face great challenges to succeed in a content marketing strategy that delivers business results.

Most brands relay today mostly on a reduced number of people (internal and agencies) to create content for their broadcast channels (brand websites, campaign microsites, social networks, paid channels). The amount of content this small team can produce is not enough for the needs of the new digital era, it is too expensive and often is not seen as authentic enough by consumers, that sense there is not a real person passionate about the topic behind the content.

This is clear paradox, since current technology allows consumers to create content related to brands, or brand territories, in exponentially growing amounts. Why not leveraging this huge creative potential?

Thought leader brands have already realized USER GENERATED CONTENT (UGC) is a necessary part of the solution to the above problem, but have not cracked yet the way to implement it, beyond some campaigns via social networks. This leads to a great problem: brand interaction and engagement remains in social networks, from which a successful CRM strategy is very difficult to pull off.

Cool Bananas Solution

UGC Content Creation

  • Focused on brand territory
  • Creators validation process
  • Rights management process
  • Powerful multi-device creation tool
  • Rewards system to engage creators

Content Management

  • Targeted content to marketing team
  • Quality filtering system
  • Broadcast tools to website/SSNN
  • Open API connected to CRM software

CRM Focus

  • Designed to drive traffic from SSNN to owned channels
  • Personalized experience, incentive to register
  • Open API, connected to CMS, CRM, etc...


  • IOS, Android and cross-browser state of the art technology
  • Amazing cross device UX: mobile, tablet, web
  • Open API, connected to CMS, CRM, etc...

How it works

Customization & Integration

We offer a private independent content platform for each brand. We customize it to the brand name, domain, design and territory scope. We provide integration with company CMS and CRM systems.


We offer a Software as a Service model, by which we provide the full multi-device platform infrastructure, mantain it and evolve it to any new technology requirement (i.e changes in iOS, Android or browers versions)

New features

We can also adapt the platform to specific brand requirements.


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